What charities are listed in the NYCharities.org web site?

Are there state laws or requirements that my charity must comply with prior to soliciting charitable contributions?

Where can I learn more about your services?

The best place to learn about NYCharities' services is in the FAQs or on our pricing page https://www.nycharities.org/price.aspx.

You can sign up if you wish to use our services at: https://www.nycharities.org/accounts/login/

How can my organization be removed from NYCharities.org?

How can NYCharities.orgs performance be evaluated?

What happens to our donor information?

Are there any limits on the amount a donor can give?

At this time, NYCharities.org is limiting the amounts that it will process from donors to between $5 and $15,000 dollars. Donors are given the address and URL of charities to which they wish to give a larger amount, .

Does NYCharities.org promote one charity over another?

How does NYCharities.org cover its operating costs?

Does NYCharities.org conflict in any way with my charitys own fundraising efforts?

No. NYCharities.org is designed to complement the fundraising that charities are already doing. If you are a charity without your own merchant account, NYCharities.org provides a free and secure online service, with easy-to- use self-publishing tools, allowing you to customize your donations page.

If you have your own merchant account, NYCharities becomes one more tool, which enhances an entire strategic fundraising effort. It can serve to publicize your charity to a wider audience of donors who might not otherwise learn about your work.

The average donor often just wants to make their donation as easily, quickly, and safely as possible ... at the time of their choosing. They want to have confidence that the web site they use is one where their transaction and personal information is secure, and their privacy is protected.

Are charities charged any fees to participate?

No. NYCharities.org is available free of charge to all New York charities that have been recognized by the IRS as charitable and classified as public charities. There are no set-up costs, so your charity avoids startup costs, monthly fees, and commission charges which are sometimes involved in donor solicitation.

With respect to donations made via the web site, NYCharities.org deducts a (4%) credit card transaction fee, most of which is debited by credit card companies to carry out online transactions. So if your donor makes a $100 gift, $96 is sent to your charity.

Savings to charities that have signed up include the following services (all of which you receive at no cost): an automatic electronic receipt sent to each donor verifying the success of the credit card transaction on behalf of your charity; an online thank you letter with required IRS wording, which your donor can print out for their records; ability to access your charity's online donations history at any time of the day or night using your personal Login and Password; the ability to download your donor data into an excel file with the press of one button. Once registered, your charity is also able to customize the thank you letter that appears onscreen with your logo and additional wording.

Your charity saves on paper, postage, check writing, telephone calls, and all of the staff time required to manually accept and process donations. You benefit from also knowing that your donors are able to donate 24x7 in a highly secure web site; they receive immediate acknowledgements with wording recommended by the IRS; and they have access to online and telephone customer support during regular business hours.

Your donors appreciate that their time is respected. Online giving is the fastest, easiest way for donors to give to charities. Most online donors indicate they give "online" because it is easier.

Can my charity make changes to our donations page?

Yes. Your charity may register with NYCharities.org online to make valuable changes to the mission statement, logo, and display of your donations screen. When you sign up, you will be asked to create a Login and Password, and to agree to the terms in an online Agreement, which states the relationship between your organization and NYCharities.org. The Agreement allows for easy termination by both parties.

Your organization's information is reviewed (normally within 48 hours), and if the application is complete, you will be asked to fax, or upload a copy of your bank information, before your account is turned on. Then you will have access to self-publishing tools which allow you to enhance your donations screen with your charity"s logo, URL, and mission statement and more.

How do I sign up for NYCharities.org’s online giving, and what information or documents are needed to complete the process?

To sign up for NYCharities.org:
1. Go to this link to fill in your organization’s information:
2. If your charity is not recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization, you will be asked to fill in the name of a charity organization willing to act as your fiscal agent.
3. You will be asked for your charity’s EIN (Employment Identification Number);
4. The contact information for two representatives from your charity is required in the form. These are the people with whom NYCharities.org will remain in contact.
5. You will be asked to click agreement to NYCharities.org’s Terms of Services. This agreement was written by Simpson Thacher, one of the leading nonprofit law firms in the country. They wrote it to protect both NYCharities.org and the charities which sign up. It is an easy-in / easy-out agreement. You are not forced to stay in a long term relationship with NYCharities.org.
6. You will be asked to create your charity’s Login and Password, which you will use to log into your Account Manager and to monitor / download donor information and contributions.
After you have submitted your application, it is reviewed by NYCharities.org’s staff over a 24-48 hour time period. If your charity is approved, you will receive notification, and will be asked to fill in bank account and routing information for any funds transfers.

Following this final step, your charity account is activated and you can begin using the services.

This process can be accelerated by filling in the bank information immediately upon sign-up, and sending a request to [email protected] for immediate review. NYCharities.org accommodates such requests wherever possible.

How does my charity encourage donors to use our donations screen in NYCharities.org?

If you provide a donations button on your web site which links directly to your donations screen in NYCharities.org, you will be giving your donors a fast, easy secure way to make donations to your organization.

Many charities make the mistake of downplaying their donations button in their web site. It is important to make it easy for potential donors to find the donate button on every page of your site.