What charities are listed in the NYCharities.org web site?

Are there state laws or requirements that my charity must comply with prior to soliciting charitable contributions?

Where can I learn more about your services?

How can my organization be removed from NYCharities.org?

How can NYCharities.orgs performance be evaluated?

What happens to our donor information?

Are there any limits on the amount a donor can give?

At this time, NYCharities.org is limiting the amounts that it will process from donors to between $5 and $15,000 dollars. Donors are given the address and URL of charities to which they wish to give a larger amount, .

Does NYCharities.org promote one charity over another?

How does NYCharities.org cover its operating costs?

Does NYCharities.org conflict in any way with my charitys own fundraising efforts?

Are charities charged any fees to participate?

Can my charity make changes to our donations page?

How do I sign up for NYCharities.org’s online giving, and what information or documents are needed to complete the process?

How does my charity encourage donors to use our donations screen in NYCharities.org?

If you provide a donations button on your web site which links directly to your donations screen in NYCharities.org, you will be giving your donors a fast, easy secure way to make donations to your organization.

Many charities make the mistake of downplaying their donations button in their web site. It is important to make it easy for potential donors to find on every page of your site.