What is involved in using NYCharities.orgs E-ticketing tool for workshop registrations, educational events, or fundraisers?

How do I get my charitys event listed in the events calendar?

Does my charity have to use the E-ticketing tool in order to be listed in the events calendar?

Is the e-ticketing tool that NYCharities.org provides to charities different from other E-ticketing services?

Is there a term commitment, or are we obligated to use the service for a specified period of time?

Are charities charged any fees to participate?

What types of credit cards does NYCharities.org process?

Is there a credit card transaction fee?

What are my cost savings?

How do we monitor ticket sales?

How does the payment system work?

What types of events can NYCharities.orgs e-ticketing service handle?

Is it difficult to set up an event invitation online?

How do you prevent fraud (ie. the ticket buyer making multiple copies of their electronic receipt and distributing to friends)?

How do I get the URL to my event screen?

Will my event be active as soon as I finish entering the information?